Melitta Csorján



Oil paintings

Csorján Melitta: Legújabb alkotásaim-World-wanderers 2021
Csorján Melitta: Legújabb alkotásaim-
Csorján Melitta: Legújabb alkotásaim-Macska Mester 2021


About Melitta Csorján’s paintings

Painting is a source of pleasure to me, a different way of existence that floats some feet above reality. The painting is important to me as long as I am working on it, living and existing within it, moulding it; as long as the feeling emerges from the depths, the feeling I might have nurtured in my soul for years.
The themes of my pictures are usually feelings, emotions. Everything that is being born inside, connected to a thought, a recognition, an encounter evokes deep feelings in people, including me. I might deal with these feelings more intensively than others would do.
I like depicting human figures, especially those of females; not purely because of the portrayal of the body, it is rather the face, the expression reflected by the soul onto the face that matters. Supported by my own emotions, I present the female psyche, the intuitive way of thinking women are capable of.
The figures of my paintings unintentionally resemble me, however, this has not been the goal. The facial expressions, the countenances evoke a thought in the viewers, which might lead them to their experiences, recognitions, worries, disappointments, successes, fears, they will recognize they have not been left alone with all that.

Apart from female figures I also take pleasure in painting faces of children, girls in the state of surprise with long hair and long nails. I always wonder at the children, who are always so pure and straightforward and they love you unconditionally. We, adults are no longer capable of doing so, we tend to grow out of it and you only recognize it when you see a pure countenance on a child’s face or hear a wise remark from a child, which simplifies everything overriding all the complicated and lecture-like remarks of an adult.

My figures of children display precocious features – long, dyed hair, varnished or long, pointed nails, full lips with lipstick on them, false eyelashes – reflecting the painful reality of the hastened growth to adulthood. It is very often us, adults who force the children to become adults too soon.

I love vivid colours, especially the different shades of red with the colour green and orange with blue. Most of my paintings are characterized by these colours. Painting for me is the symphony of colours. I never consider any of my paintings to be too colourful as long as I manage to combine and harmonize my favourite colours in my pictures. Furthermore, it is happiness to me, a warm feeling that inspires me in any field of my life.

Curriculum Vitae – Melitta Csorján

I was born in Székelyhíd, Romania, I completed my primary school studies in my hometown in 1992.
In 1996 I graduated high school in Szent László Roman Catholic High School in Nagyvárad, Romania.
In 2002 I finished successful in the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolozsvár,Romania, where I specialized in monumental and holy painting.
In 2001, Apáczai Scholarship, study at the University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary.
In 2002, successfully state examination in Academy of Fine Arts Cluj-Napoca Romania, painter and an art educator.
In 2008, I was admitted to the Painting Section of the National Association of Hungarian Artists.
In 2013 I was admitted to the international studio of Atelier des Portes Ouvertes, Rivoli 59. Paris, France.

Art Awards:

  • 2001 – Apáczai study scholarship, Budapest University of Fine Arts, Hungary
  • 2005 – Individual Scholarship of the Municipality of Debrecen, Hungary
  • 2006 – Autumn Exhibition Award, Hungary
  • 2010 – Fresh Art Grand Prize of Debrecen, Hungary
  • 2013—Hungarian Ministerial scolarship NKA, Rivoli 59, Atelier des Portes Ouvertes, Paris, France

Selection from individual exhibitions:

  • 1996 – Oradea, Ernő Tibor Gallery, RO
  • 2005 – Budapest, István Csók Gallery, HU
  • 2007 – Debrecen, Arany Bika Hostel, HU
  • 2009 – Reims, Méli-Mome Festival, Jesuit College, painting exhibition, FR
  • 2009 – Icon, holy painting exhibition, Vicenza, Soprana Gallery, IT
  • 2010 – Sedan, Cultural Institute, FR
  • 2011—Vicenza, Soprana Galéria, IT
  • 2012 – Rotterdam, Christian Artists Seminar, painting exhibition, NL
  • 2013 – Paris, Rivoli 59, Atelier des Portes Ouvertes, FR
  • 2018 – Castle of Carei, Painting exhibition, RO